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angleterre's Journal

Icons by uk_nostalgia
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{ I N F O }
I'm going to make this short, because honestly, who reads user infos anyway? ;) This is the icon journal of uk_nostalgia, previously roseandmask Feel free to friend this journal. Angleterre means England in French, coming from my obsession with England and all things British. I'm subject to random moments of creativity, so I may update regularly, or I may not.
( R U L E S }

Comment, credit, no hotlinking, and all that jazz. That's all I ask of you. ;) I adore comments, they make me happy. So please comment if you take anything! I'm not that spazzy about credit, but just don't claim an icon as your own if you didn't make it. But credit is nice, and if you credit, please credit angleterre or roseandmask.
( A F F I L I A T E S }

british_iconage icons by britishness

rougir icons by fineeyes

desiderio icons by havens

thepinkscarlett icons by darkangsty42

iconsbysarah icons by dragonfly3007

theoldvicarage icons by parisianpierrot Comment here if you want to be afflicated!

{ R E S O U R C E S }

you can see my resource post here.
{ L I N K B A C K }

If you link back I'll be a very very happy anglophile. So if you want to link to this journal, you may use these banners:

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